Core Values

We believe our adherence to our core values has been the impetus for our successes over the decades and are confident that our commitment to these time honoured values will remain the key to our continuing growth.

These values permeate all levels of our Group and are ingrained in our various business and people management processes. Our employees are trained and encouraged to live these values instead of only following them at work.


Delivering what our customer wants, on time, is just the starting point for us. We constantly strive to distinguish ourselves by going beyond customer satisfaction.


We feel honesty and fair play help immeasurably in building the culture of trust and respect which is the building block of good business.


We strongly encourage productive, long-lasting and healthy relationships as between our employees, our Group companies, our suppliers and our subcontractors. This gives us a competitive edge by leveraging synergies, and results in faster, more efficient business delivery.


Our successes are deeply connected to the performance, loyalty and support of our employees. We believe it is our duty to provide them a non-discriminatory, enabling, diverse and enriching work environment that fosters empowerment, excellence and growth.


We are firmly committed to the safety of our people. We employ an internationally certified approach to identifying health and safety risks and dealing with these in a structured manner. Our vision is of zero accidents and ill health caused by our activities and operations.


We know the importance of innovation in helping deliver the best solution and best value to our customers. We constantly track global technological and process improvements and also promote and reward in-house innovation and advances.